Spinal AdjustmentsChiropractic Adjustment in Memphis

Chiropractic adjustments are useful for some of the most common complaints today, including neck pain, lower back pain, a poor range of motion, and headaches. Other people may opt for an adjustment as a means for preventative care or for a more complementary and integrative health approach.

How Are Chiropractic Adjustments Performed?

Chiropractic treatments performed at Community ChiroCare in Memphis, TN, involve manual therapies such as chiropractic spine adjustments.

Chiropractic adjustments are when the doctor uses their hands in order to apply a sudden force to a bone to realign it in the proper place. In these types of adjustments, the patient may hear a “pop” sound.

How Do You Know If You Need an Adjustment?

If you work in a sedentary job or manual labor in Memphis, TN, you will likely need a chiropractic adjustment to keep yourself healthy. You may need to get a chiropractic adjustment if you have recently suffered from any adverse events, such as a car crash, which may cause cervical spine pain due to whiplash.

Another good way to tell that you are a good candidate for spinal manipulative therapy is if you happen to suffer from any chronic conditions such as costochondritis, which can form scar tissue to collect in your back, or inflammation, which can prevent you from breathing properly. Of course, there are several other medical conditions that may warrant seeing a chiropractor; these are just a few examples out of many.

If you have a chronic health condition, have recently suffered from a sudden, traumatic event, or want your body to feel and operate at its optimal potential you should seek out chiropractic care. Contact Community ChiroCare today to set up an appointment.